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#TheShedyt on all your Socials!

Video Content

Gaming, Vlogs, and much more Content Does TheShedyt make! we post over on YouTube and Facebook! Even tho all our content is available here on the website!

Gaming Servers

The Shed tries to provide Community Public Gaming Servers for several games! We try to get the best server mods and greatest speeds, for the best possible game experience!

Private Subscriber Pages

For All Streamers, at The Shed we have Private Twitch Subscriber-Only pages! were we as TheShed try to give you an insider look at the Streamer and get you extra Personalised content!

Live Streaming

Would you like to See the Streamers that make live content over at TheShed have a look at the Live page or watch us on Twitch by searching "#TheShedyt"

Community Platform

Over on Discord We try to really push the boundaries and make a secure and home feeling place for everyone! From Private Channels to Tournaments! You name it!

Education and Learning

Also, does The Shed try to give you guys real E-Learning pages and Tutorials on how to create your own personal Website and Create your very own live stream!

The Shed 's Network Reach

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The Shed 's Community Platform

Powerfull and Personal!

Trying to Create the Most Modular and Personalised Community Platform out there! We "The Shed" will always try to push the limits and aren't scared to take big steps! From creating your own Private Channel to Playing Tournaments with the whole Community! We try to have it all! and we keep innovating on a daily basis! Come have have look and try for yourself downbelow!

The Shed 's Content Creation

Video Content Creation

We as The Shed Love to make Content for you guys and Provide that mostly over on YouTube, and a little on Facebook. But if you can't be asked to go to YouTube we also provide it right here on the website! The Shed makes Game Videos, Stream Highlights, Vlogs, and way more! Find out down below and don't forget to Subscribe ;)!

The Shed 's Merchandise

All about insane Collabs and Quality

With our Merchandise, we really do try to push the boundaries! By giving you guys the best quality, and most insane Collabs with other Brands! We also try to make the sickest design in-house and are proud to show it off! We try to make sure that there is always something in there for everyone! Also, we do care about the shipping times and fulfillment to make sure you will never be disappointed!

The Shed 's Live Streams

Twitch Live Content

Streamers at TheShed are diverse and Located Everywhere in the world! to make sure it is always content and something to watch for you guys! We as a platform and Team Focus on Positivity and Including everyone! Come have a look over on our twitch pages or right here on the website if someone is live! And even if you're Subscribed to a Shed Streamer, Don't forget to Check out their Private-Subscriber-Only Page!

"All that I'd love to see in the future, is a healthy safe environment for everyone to feel as them selfs. And trying to put the bar 100 times higher for production quality and community environments!"

"Trying to Create a save and healty Community Platform for everyone to feel at home!"

The Shed - Management